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Dyna Storm D2

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Product id: TA-DS-D2-001

Price: 10€

The second most infamous DS parts (that was an unlucky sprue, the D!). The original suffered from both breaking and the circular bolts unscrewing. Developing this part has produced more headaches and DNFs for Singapore_959 than we want to remember! These parts are a plastic carbon hybrid. Significantly stronger than the original parts, and when used correctly with the original metal brace part, are hard to break. The ARE designed to break however - at the point before your chassis would in a severe hit to the suspension arm. Thus saving your chassis. We do have a magnesium metal hybrid arm under construction but that has not yet finished testing and it does risk your chassis is extreme impact moments.

All Nimrod parts are made to order and made by hand. Our parts are bespoke and individually numbered. Since the parts are hand made every part is unique and lovingly polished and packed. It is our policy that all parts are tested thoroughly and where possible raced by our team. At Nimrod we are BIG fans of the Tamiya Dyna Storm, to date the ultimate 2WD race buggy from Tamiya. Despite being more than 17 years old it can still cut it on track, and we love the idea of this vintage buggy giving it hard to the modern upstarts. At heart it's a passionate goal to get the DS on the podium by udating the weak parts and using modern materials when benefits can be had. A core issue of DS performance is weight, and reduction of this while keeping integrity is a big theme in our new materials and improved design approach. We welcome ideas and feedback and hope we stir your passion for the DS and you get one on track soon!
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