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All Nimrod parts are made to order and made by hand. Our parts are bespoke and individually numbered. Since the parts are hand made every part is unique and lovingly polished and packed. It is our policy that all parts are tested thoroughly and where possible raced by our team. At Nimrod we are BIG fans of the Tamiya Dyna Storm, to date the ultimate 2WD race buggy from Tamiya. Despite being more than 17 years old it can still cut it on track, and we love the idea of this vintage buggy giving it hard to modern buggys. At heart it's a passionate goal to get the DS on the podium by updating the weak parts and using modern materials when benefits can be had. A core issue of DS performance is weight, and reduction of this while keeping integrity is a big theme in our new materials and improved design approach. We welcome ideas and feedback and hope we stir your passion for the DS and you get one on track soon!

Fitting Guide

Nimrod Racing parts are designed as an improvement of existing parts. Therefore sometimes fitting the part requires different screws, nuts, or steps from the original part. Please consult the Nimrod Racing fitting guide before using any of your new parts.


For:  Tamiya Dyna Storm & Dyna Lightning


D5 Front arm block

2 3mm hex shape nuts are required, replacing the original circular press nuts. We recommend using lock nuts, preferably from titanium. Copper inserts for screws are used in the top and bottom of the part. Because of this, you must use shorter screws than than original part uses. Test the depth & therefor lenght of screw you will need to fit your top deck and bumper plate. Witha standard topdeck and D7 part you can typically use 10 or 8 mm screws. With a Dyna Lightening top deck you can typically use 6mm screws. From the bumper you can typically use 8mm screws at the rear mounting holes.

Always test fit and use threadloc (blue) during final fitting.


(d5 photo with red circles on cooper parts)


E3 Gear Cover


Trim the cover of excess flashing/plastic, and test fit. Once pressed onto the gearbox plate, mark with a pen the center of the 3 mounting holes. Remove and, using a reamer, make 3mm width  holes where you have marked. Mount the cover using 4mm length screws. Do not overtighten. You want the cover to be firmly attached but too much force will damage the lexan and may cause the cover to rub on the clutch. Test spin the wheels in the same direction and see if the cover is touching the clutch mechanism. If it is, loosen the securing screws a little. If it is still touching use 2 or 3mm spacers and longer screws to adjust. Next connect the battery, hold the car up and give the car some throttle. Listen for unsual noise and check the cover for evidence of rubbing. On cars where there is rubbing we note that typically it is the little black screws of the clutch mechanism. Use the spacers or slightly less screwing pressure to fit perfectly. If there is still rubbing then either you have reamed the mounting holes incorrectly or the cover has been damaged.


B3 and B2 suspension arms

Copper inserts are used for the shock mounting points. Use threaded screws not tapping screws. Screw lenght will depend on your shock absorber type. Please gently test different lengths of screw to fit your shock securely to the arm. The copper inserts are there to allow you to use a shorter lenght of screw to save weight and remai scecure. Once you have the appropriate lenght of screw, final fit with some threadloc (blue).


Lexan Underguard


There are multiple approaches to fitting this. Our race cars have it secured via the front steering post screws, at the widest edges of the main chassis (unless you are using the Dyna Lightning top deck you have to drill 2 holes for this), and the rear bumper screws.

Alternatives are double sided tape, putting all the underside screws through, and glueing.

The underguard is designed to replace the side rails (K2 and K3).  You can use the underguard without removing K2&3, but you will need to trim the edges of the underguard in that case.

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